Nov 29, 2012

End of the World Playlist

hello music lover! If the world ends on 21.12.2012 would you rather die with regret that you didn't try all the music that existed while you lived?

Not too late! Join the movement to create a unique playlist that transcends & brings together a confluence of regions, genres and preferences. (Read on....)

Just enter one song you love, nay, the last song you want to have listened to before the world ends, and voila! I make a YouTube playlist of all the songs collected in a span of 20 days, which would be shared, on 21.12.2012- the date decided by the Mayans for the Apocalypse. "Ok the playlist is created? Now what?", you ask? Well, the more the people who participate, the more diverse the music that'll be shared about. Who knows what gems you may discover in the process. Also, nothing like music and and the internet to bring in like-minded souls from across the world on a common platform!
And on 21:12:2012 we play the #EOTWPlaylistMarathon all day long, just to celebrate...surviving! And whenever else.

Spread the word and the music, till the End Of The World does us apart....

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