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Nov 29, 2012

Rolled up sunshine

Blooms of spring
love of autumn
betraying the season
Leaves of all time

Those fingers
Deft as an artist's
Heady as the result
they seek to brew

That tongue
So sleek, so elegant
sealing the promise
of all it can be

Kindle the fire
one desire at a time
take in the goodness
pass me some mine

Wallow in the haze
colour it purple
or any other hues
the mind invents

The world waits
in all its transience
spinning on its axis
a little faster

The night is long
And as dark as long
little flecks of light
linger as do our hopes

Parts of you
In parts of me
Together we find
a dazed harmony

Sunshine peeks in
through the window
envying the one
it came rolled in

Aug 29, 2012

Don't wake up

How do you sleep at night with those demons lurking in your mind?

With all the wrong you're all about, how do you deserve this right?

When you wake up tomorrow think about that one person who would be happier, if you didn't .

Dream about your own life as lived by them.

Cringe in remorse, of shame, of painful revelations, in your sleep.

Someday you'll realise how you fucked up. But it'll be too late. Your soul would've been sold out.

Occupying a different person.

Empty. Dead.

Today stand in front of that mirror you preen to ever so often. Do you see an ugly truth or a pretty lie?

Remember that, you had the power to touch lives in ways that only you could. And all you did, was scar them.

Time will heal those wounds, the sun will catch up with the tears.

But what will you do about the soul-sucking demons you created & let loose for life?

You can't take the truth beyond those shut eyes. Or they'll burn

Don't wake up. 

Jul 5, 2012

A moon's perspective...

Hey Moon,

Do you ever feel useless
Just shining from a height,
or do you eventually realise
that you're changing the sea
while owning the night

Do you envy the lovers 
basking under your glow,
or do you feel proud
heralding a hard day's end
with just a mere show?

Does it kill your pride when you are
Hidden in the clouds
or eclipsed by the sun
or do you smirk at the thought
of being the most loved one?

Do you feel the monotony
to go on day after day
to end up where you started
or do you say 'challenge accepted'
when they say you're the same everyday?

Do you feel important
looking at all of us from far above?
The shining rivers, the crying wolves
or do you feel lonely at the top,
crave some belonging & love?

Do you ever resent the sun
for being & shining bigger,
and the fact that you hang far below,
or do you sometimes feel like
you're God's own halo?

Apr 9, 2012


Ours is a coming together
racing against time,
Ticking like a time bomb
tied to our lives,
Don't tell me
when it's time to go,
Just hold me the tightest
Right before you let go
Maybe this dream
will play forever
Maybe the full moon
will shine forever,
smile for this picture,
it will remind of the bliss
seal the moment though
With a hope and a kiss
we got this moment
to live forever
our lives' convergence,
a divine ephemera.

Dec 6, 2011


Let's run away or just stay,
let's do something silly,
It's what you've done to me,
Pay for your incredulity.

you got all that you need,
let me show you a way,
to get something you seek,
make your wealth,reach your heart.

If i missed your eyes,
let me get your soul,
I'll make you your ginger tea
when it rains, when it pours

When the wine's over,
I'll hold up the empty glass,
Ask you to kiss it,
and get high on your smile,

One by one, I'll hear your stories,
tell you some of mine,
and when you see me dozing,
I'll tell you to tell me one more time

Let's ride away into the sunset,
or stay inside and soak the warmth,
it's ok, if you leave me behind,
I'll be right here to welcome you back

when you wish a wish,
seeing a shooting star,
I'll close my eyes & join my hands,
thank it for granting mine.

let's lie on the mountains,
watching the stars,past twilight,
blowing away soap bubbles,
into the morning sunshine.

Let's run away or just stay,
let's do something silly,
It's what you've done to me,
Pay for your incredulity

Right now is better than ever...

So what if we don't know about tomorrow
so what if we may not be here to stay
let's bask in the glow of what we are now
and for this moment that we have today

so,we have different destinations,
but this trip together is worthwhile
if in this road to somewhere
the distance covered is worth the mile,

so, we need space,and a little time
we can figure things out on our own
'Cos loving being together sometimes,
is better than wanting to forever be alone,

So, there will always be the others
more perfect for us, better at things we do
but there's got to be a reason
we're us and what we've made it through...

So, we cant be sure that it'll always be rosy,
we will have our problems and battles to fight
But fixing what's wrong isn't always so hard,
we'll fight our demons & make it alright

so we're not completely in love
and this isn't the beginning of forever,
let the rules take a backseat
'cos right now is better than never.

Sep 11, 2011

Some Mondays inspire impromptu poetry

The alarm clock rings,
it's the voice of the Satan
my violated mind thinks,
Is the weekend already over?
I lug myself outta my bed
this life aint so charmed
i wear a crushed purple top
blue jeans & a sulky frown
i read my book,the cab rolls on
Here i am, all too familiar,
ensconced in my cubicle walls
the horizon of my life
I jam on my headphones
Shut out the world,
Robotic, i tap away on the keypad
Stare at the screen, mocking back at me
wondering if it's deja vu ,
or a new beginning,
what will this week bring
a reason to smile or hate em all,
Oh well, when 30th arrives, ka ching!
it'll all make sense, forgiven all !

May 27, 2011


Teasing and warm,
the wind on my skin,
mocking the way
I never felt

Lights & sounds afar,
celebrating the night,
echoing the melody,
I never hummed

that gap-toothed moon
laughing at me
reminding of the jokes
I never told

Pages flying about
Confetti like,all just
a part of the fairytale
I never wrote

Pretending it's the shore
waves coming by
washing away the castles
I never built

Memories of the days
End of a beautiful lie,
A woken dream
I never dreamed

Apr 18, 2011

past rewound.

You brought sunshine when
it was dark for a while,
why did you now
stop making me smile

You helped me figure
a part of me for me to find
why did you let me then
lose yourself in my mind

you put a balm the other day
on my bruised knee
why did you ignore then
the pain that you cannot see

I gave you the power to hurt me
while giving you my every bit
why did you assume that
i needed you to use it

you said you'd be there
thinking back I looked around
why is it that all I saw was
shadows of a past rewound

May 21, 2010

letting you go

of meeting you
losing a part of me
moments spent with you
of a creeping loneliness
nights spent in whispers
of inner voices loud in talk
times of pure indulgence
of deliverance and revelation
words spoken in the dark
of spiritual union, divine art
peace you filled me with
of emptiness of the heart
every touch of yours
piercing sin of the skin
every word of yours
echoing the silence within
of destiny or epiphany,
of seeing you again
unveiling the past
of letting you go
coming to be me

May 13, 2009


feels like just the day before,
Those unsure steps and curious eyes,
walking your way through a new door,
to a place intimidating yet nice,
Impressions were to be made,
friendships to be formed,
destiny's plan to be laid,
Rushing to the first hour
Trudging through the rest
Looking dreamily at the sights afar,
All for the jackpot called the hall ticket
Begging the teachers for favours galore
The life-saving coffee at the coffee shop,
Or cheap food in the canteen,
thanked and Relished to the core,
Seminars, fests and those damn exams,
You struggled, you cheated,
All night slogging and last minute crams,
Sem after sem the history repeated,
Trends followed and trends created
doubling up as a fashion temple,
You’d be dead seen in the Dated,
To steal a glance and turn to mush,
To come to college just for that one ,
To blush and talk in a hush,
partying, movies and the fun,
Giggling and gassing through the class,
gossips, naughty and nice,
About things trivial and crass
Out there a mini world it was,
The cool yo,the geeks and the freaks
Some loathed,some loved,
And then some friends for keeps
We laughed we cried
Won and lost,
failed & tried,,
Of struggles and pain
lessons of life to learn,
Experience to gain,
time seems to have flown by,
time to look back and sigh,
Finally , the big day arrives,
you don a robe and a hat
And leave it all behind,
A million different emotions
Nostalgia, Mixed feelings,
Self-made relations
People you could call your own,
all go their separate ways,
All part of this journey
To The destination unknown,
Armed with a degree and more
Move on to bigger things in life
Things to do, decisions to make,
Life will change,perhaps
It won’t be all a cake
Of those bitter-sweet college days,
The memories will remain,
Lingering on in our mind,
Like the sweet smell of rain…

As a fresh graduate, I'm inundated with feelings and emotions...and what better than to let em all out here through this small ( or rather long!) attempt at a poem dedicated to the 3years of My college life at CMS, which I'm sure any other person whos been to college could relate with ...
( however please do not copy this without my prior permission for your year book!)

May 4, 2009

Are you happy?

You got them gizmos and pretty things

Every nippy thing on the block,

inner peace still remains just talk,

Instant messaging and facebook

A million ways to keep in touch

yet I see your people drifting away,

Your folks are cool ,let you unwind

Not one with baggage on your back,

yet I see you feel confined,

been with them boys, dated as you’d call,

Made to feel like a treasure divine,

yet none that would stay , just make claims tall

travelled the world, been there and round ,

yet the feelings of unbelonging hound,

Like a dull star in the bright galaxy

life’s a treachery, a rape,

Achieved, loved , lost

Been there done that

Lived, but at what cost?

What is it that makes happiness come to you?

Is there a mall to swipe your card and pack that in?

To tread this difficult road,

The void is getting bigger, enough to swallow you whole,

Or is it the mercury that just wont hold..

Are you happy?

Or is that an effort , just a role?