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Aug 29, 2012

Don't wake up

How do you sleep at night with those demons lurking in your mind?

With all the wrong you're all about, how do you deserve this right?

When you wake up tomorrow think about that one person who would be happier, if you didn't .

Dream about your own life as lived by them.

Cringe in remorse, of shame, of painful revelations, in your sleep.

Someday you'll realise how you fucked up. But it'll be too late. Your soul would've been sold out.

Occupying a different person.

Empty. Dead.

Today stand in front of that mirror you preen to ever so often. Do you see an ugly truth or a pretty lie?

Remember that, you had the power to touch lives in ways that only you could. And all you did, was scar them.

Time will heal those wounds, the sun will catch up with the tears.

But what will you do about the soul-sucking demons you created & let loose for life?

You can't take the truth beyond those shut eyes. Or they'll burn

Don't wake up.