May 21, 2010

letting you go

of meeting you
losing a part of me
moments spent with you
of a creeping loneliness
nights spent in whispers
of inner voices loud in talk
times of pure indulgence
of deliverance and revelation
words spoken in the dark
of spiritual union, divine art
peace you filled me with
of emptiness of the heart
every touch of yours
piercing sin of the skin
every word of yours
echoing the silence within
of destiny or epiphany,
of seeing you again
unveiling the past
of letting you go
coming to be me


diya said...

i love it!...

verbalkhichdi said...

Thanks Diya....
BTW do I know you?? Cos your name's unfamiliar and clicking on your name doesn't take me to your blog so wondering if it's someone i know using a diff name...

Anonymous said...

good one Monika....

iampvr said...

nice ...

A random stroll on fb landed me here.
An interesting random stroll i guess :)

Monica said...

Thanks impvr....:) I'd like to read some of your stuff also, i guess :)