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Jul 5, 2012

A moon's perspective...

Hey Moon,

Do you ever feel useless
Just shining from a height,
or do you eventually realise
that you're changing the sea
while owning the night

Do you envy the lovers 
basking under your glow,
or do you feel proud
heralding a hard day's end
with just a mere show?

Does it kill your pride when you are
Hidden in the clouds
or eclipsed by the sun
or do you smirk at the thought
of being the most loved one?

Do you feel the monotony
to go on day after day
to end up where you started
or do you say 'challenge accepted'
when they say you're the same everyday?

Do you feel important
looking at all of us from far above?
The shining rivers, the crying wolves
or do you feel lonely at the top,
crave some belonging & love?

Do you ever resent the sun
for being & shining bigger,
and the fact that you hang far below,
or do you sometimes feel like
you're God's own halo?