Dec 6, 2011

Right now is better than ever...

So what if we don't know about tomorrow
so what if we may not be here to stay
let's bask in the glow of what we are now
and for this moment that we have today

so,we have different destinations,
but this trip together is worthwhile
if in this road to somewhere
the distance covered is worth the mile,

so, we need space,and a little time
we can figure things out on our own
'Cos loving being together sometimes,
is better than wanting to forever be alone,

So, there will always be the others
more perfect for us, better at things we do
but there's got to be a reason
we're us and what we've made it through...

So, we cant be sure that it'll always be rosy,
we will have our problems and battles to fight
But fixing what's wrong isn't always so hard,
we'll fight our demons & make it alright

so we're not completely in love
and this isn't the beginning of forever,
let the rules take a backseat
'cos right now is better than never.


Dan said...

zindagi na milegi dobara!
loved it, though the second-last stanza doesn't seem that strong.

Random Rumblings said...

Very well translated.

Loved it. :)