Sep 11, 2011

Some Mondays inspire impromptu poetry

The alarm clock rings,
it's the voice of the Satan
my violated mind thinks,
Is the weekend already over?
I lug myself outta my bed
this life aint so charmed
i wear a crushed purple top
blue jeans & a sulky frown
i read my book,the cab rolls on
Here i am, all too familiar,
ensconced in my cubicle walls
the horizon of my life
I jam on my headphones
Shut out the world,
Robotic, i tap away on the keypad
Stare at the screen, mocking back at me
wondering if it's deja vu ,
or a new beginning,
what will this week bring
a reason to smile or hate em all,
Oh well, when 30th arrives, ka ching!
it'll all make sense, forgiven all !

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