May 4, 2009

Are you happy?

You got them gizmos and pretty things

Every nippy thing on the block,

inner peace still remains just talk,

Instant messaging and facebook

A million ways to keep in touch

yet I see your people drifting away,

Your folks are cool ,let you unwind

Not one with baggage on your back,

yet I see you feel confined,

been with them boys, dated as you’d call,

Made to feel like a treasure divine,

yet none that would stay , just make claims tall

travelled the world, been there and round ,

yet the feelings of unbelonging hound,

Like a dull star in the bright galaxy

life’s a treachery, a rape,

Achieved, loved , lost

Been there done that

Lived, but at what cost?

What is it that makes happiness come to you?

Is there a mall to swipe your card and pack that in?

To tread this difficult road,

The void is getting bigger, enough to swallow you whole,

Or is it the mercury that just wont hold..

Are you happy?

Or is that an effort , just a role?

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