Apr 18, 2011

past rewound.

You brought sunshine when
it was dark for a while,
why did you now
stop making me smile

You helped me figure
a part of me for me to find
why did you let me then
lose yourself in my mind

you put a balm the other day
on my bruised knee
why did you ignore then
the pain that you cannot see

I gave you the power to hurt me
while giving you my every bit
why did you assume that
i needed you to use it

you said you'd be there
thinking back I looked around
why is it that all I saw was
shadows of a past rewound


hijabEE dreamer said...

this is beautifully written! and i have written a poem with the same thoughts...its called Why?

I especially love the 4th para with the concept of how we end up givin ppl we love such a power to hurt us

hijabEE dreamer said...

turns out we're pretty stupid in allocating special powers :P

DigitalMax2K said...

Nicely expressed!!