May 13, 2009


feels like just the day before,
Those unsure steps and curious eyes,
walking your way through a new door,
to a place intimidating yet nice,
Impressions were to be made,
friendships to be formed,
destiny's plan to be laid,
Rushing to the first hour
Trudging through the rest
Looking dreamily at the sights afar,
All for the jackpot called the hall ticket
Begging the teachers for favours galore
The life-saving coffee at the coffee shop,
Or cheap food in the canteen,
thanked and Relished to the core,
Seminars, fests and those damn exams,
You struggled, you cheated,
All night slogging and last minute crams,
Sem after sem the history repeated,
Trends followed and trends created
doubling up as a fashion temple,
You’d be dead seen in the Dated,
To steal a glance and turn to mush,
To come to college just for that one ,
To blush and talk in a hush,
partying, movies and the fun,
Giggling and gassing through the class,
gossips, naughty and nice,
About things trivial and crass
Out there a mini world it was,
The cool yo,the geeks and the freaks
Some loathed,some loved,
And then some friends for keeps
We laughed we cried
Won and lost,
failed & tried,,
Of struggles and pain
lessons of life to learn,
Experience to gain,
time seems to have flown by,
time to look back and sigh,
Finally , the big day arrives,
you don a robe and a hat
And leave it all behind,
A million different emotions
Nostalgia, Mixed feelings,
Self-made relations
People you could call your own,
all go their separate ways,
All part of this journey
To The destination unknown,
Armed with a degree and more
Move on to bigger things in life
Things to do, decisions to make,
Life will change,perhaps
It won’t be all a cake
Of those bitter-sweet college days,
The memories will remain,
Lingering on in our mind,
Like the sweet smell of rain…

As a fresh graduate, I'm inundated with feelings and emotions...and what better than to let em all out here through this small ( or rather long!) attempt at a poem dedicated to the 3years of My college life at CMS, which I'm sure any other person whos been to college could relate with ...
( however please do not copy this without my prior permission for your year book!)


xyls said...

ur a lil bundle of surprises...belt it ut gurl..this is good stuff!!

Bombed said...

awesome work! could relate with each and every line. Ah I miss My college Days.