Jun 30, 2007


hmmm , why are birthdays such a big deal?
everyone's born sometime or the other right.
why does cuttin a cake signify b'days? why not , burgers, pizzas or say pumpkins?
why do we treat people ( who assumingly had no role in us being born !),shouldnt they be treating us for being born n being in their lives?
what does many happy "returns" of the day mean? I don't have a good b'day and people wish it to REPEAT many times in the future!
why's it such a happy occassion when ur actually nearing your end?
don't think I'm stupid!! im sure everyone has these questions but who knows the answers!what the hell.
Yesterday was mine!( notice the exclamation)
and yes i did celebrate , after 2 years...
it was the first time i'd arranged a party all by myself ( booking the place , orderin food , music ,the works)...management skills at work.
it was at the poolside ( ngv club) and yesterday happened to be a blue moon day...( it's a rare astronomical phenomenon which happens once in 12 yrs when there're two full moons in a month n not coz the moon turns blue! dont' worry i dint know it either until i googled it [:p]
so under the fullmoon , amidst the rain and by the pool,,,it was nature at it's best ( exactly a cancerian's delight) ,,, as i heralded another year of my life and kissed the 18eventful yrs of my life goodbye.
i wanna thank all the people who came all the way, battling the rains , to see me celebrating turning a year older...
but here are few people i'd like to specially mention for being there.
my dad who supported me all the way to arrange the party and not worry about the detracting factors.
pankaj my good friend who travelled 15kms in the rain at 7 in the morning to surprise me by turning up! riskin his life's music with me and ofcourse the other "contents"
yamini for singing me a song on the phone and dedicating to me a b'day poem on her blog.
pallavi , soumya , deepa ( who also happpens to be my BIRTHday mate!in other words yes both our parents saw us naked for the 1st time at the same time!) for being there and keeping the spirits high,,
my bro ..hmmm,, for pickin up the cutest top ever himself!! ( guys surprise me!) and being cool enough to order beer for my friends! lol...
.Jamie, the dog coz he was at his peaceful best yesterday n dint create any nuisance ( apart from peeing all over!)
everyone else who came to the party and made my efforts seem worthwhile...for all the gifts they picked and chose for me.will cherish em all.
missing were my sister, jiju ,ritika,shagun,,,and others who couldn't make it...
but then birthdays are just a celebration of life ...friends are a celebration FOR life,,
( i came up with that??)
belated happy b'day and many happy "returns" to me,,,

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~Amod~ said...

Lol! It started with cribbing all over about birthday, challenging it's purposeful existence and ended with celebration of life. Seems that you had a great birthday, full of fun and great people by your side. Many Many happy returns. :)