Oct 4, 2011

Little things...

About an hour back, I was in my cab, on my way back from office, passing by the lush and beautiful 3 km stretch around the KBR road, the scene playing itself out almost like all the other days in my week since the last 2 years. But today, I had my window open & eyes closed and I let the pure, fragrant post-rain breeze lap at face and blow my my hair away. It was sheer bliss, even if for a few minutes, after a long day at work, through a fever and the 4th one in the last 30 days....

Little moments like these are what make life worth living in the face of all its trials. And if your luck is anything like mine, optimism is not an option. It is the most crucial cheat code in the game of life, the only game, where the risks are high and the rules, non-existent.

Last few weeks have not been the easiest for me. This year rather. Losing another member of the family, heartbreaks, etc....Sounds like material enough to want to tear your skin out of the system & scream a "God! why me?"  To even consider looking beyond life when the hurt seems too deep to heal ?

Not me. I've learnt to look at the smaller things for comfort, when the big things start taking their toll on my life, my sanity and shake my faith out of its realms. I've started to reckon that little & big things are only relative to the angle where you look at them from. I've begun to stick to the centre when the proverbial grass seems greener on the other side..I bounce back, like a rubber band, I bounce back stronger and harder.

When I wince about the people who have hurt me, I smile thinking of the times they or the others have made me laugh & made me smile. I feel smug about the people who probably think about me before sleeping at night. I remember my family back home & the painful yet reassuring fact that they're missing me. I recollect the image of my dogs and how their faces light up the moment they hear the tap of my suitcase from a mile away when I go back home.

When things are unfair at work, and every other person seems to be an enemy in disguise, I thank my ability for having got a chance at working at the 'number one employer in the world', over a thousand others who would have wanted to be at my place or the hundreds of others who still have no clue about what they are doing in their lives, despite having all the resources they could and I probably did not. When I feel like a loser and worthless, I feel proud about what I've made of me, all the little I've achieved, all on my own.

When the emptiness in my house away from home, sometimes begins to gnaw at the family-loving me, I feel proud of having been independent enough to have a place of my own, a beautiful space that I've found, created and look forward to coming back home to, everyday.

When I feel like listing down all the things I could cry about , I begin to appreciate the little or almost non-existent humour around to laugh & make someone else laugh, instead...Like them, when life gives you lemons, make lame jokes about it.

When life seems without inspiration and lacking creativity, I read a book, listen to a song, watch a movie, have a soul-stirring or just a random no-sense conversation with a friend,  and let a new surge of inspiration to live and live to the fullest, fill my senses, every single time. I reflect on the possibility that someone's reading a blog post of mine and reshaping their thinking based on mine & potentially drawing even a little comfort from my own efforts to find solace?

I think Baz Luhrman had me in his mind when he composed this song :)

As did the person who came up with this website :) http://justlittlethings.net/

Que Sera Sera


Shobhit said...

Words of Wisdom.. You're a smart one DeMon

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